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SPdate Review – What Do We Know About It?

SPdate Review – What Do We Know About It?
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • 24×7 support available
  • Free registration
  • Beautiful design
  • Intuitive interface
  • SPdate chat is free
  • Amazing userbase assures regular hookups
  • Responsive member base confirms instant matches
  • No mobile app
  • Chat support isn’t available which causes delayed help from the team
  • No video chatting is available
  • User profiles are not very informative

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In the middle of scams and fake websites trying to steal credit card details, it might seem difficult to find a site with real people, looking for genuine connections. However, one of these platforms with some pretty good feedback is SPdate. Many people often claim that this is one of the best sites for casual sex and hookups, and they have managed to find their hot match here. But how reliable is the SP date site is, really? What interesting this platform has to offer, and will it be a good place to find casual sex and no-strings-attached relationship? That is what we’ve decided to find out!

And in this SPdate Review, we will share with you everything about this dating platform, whether it’s worth your time, and what useful features can SPdate site provide!

And first of all, in order to understand what is SPdate and how good it is, let’s lok at some pros and cons of this website:

Special Features

Special Features

The SPdate dating site has a pretty simple user interface and many useful features that will help you find some hot hookups. So what are these special features?


The discovery section, as you can imagine, allows you to explore members on the dating site. You get to see photos and rate them hot or not. You can also use the search filters to find relevant results based on your likes and dislikes in your partner.

Sex Request

The Sex Request option helps you find anyone available for a physical date and hookup. And this is a pretty useful feature if you just want to skip all the conversations and pleasantries and get straight to business.

Top Users

A separate section for top users helps you to find the most active users on SPdate. You can find new faces to talk to, browse their profiles, and start messaging as well.

SPdate Spam Safety

The anti-spam feature allows you to stop the site from sending any unsolicited mail. This option is available in the settings section of the SPdate com site; all you need to do is uncheck the options.

Profile Rating

While you can like or remove a profile in the discovery section. You also get an option to rate the profile with scores. So, for example, if you are unhappy with the profile quality, you can give the user low scores. The scoring system acts as a motivator for users to complete their profiles and see the reaction of visiting users.


A large chunk of the SPdate website user base comes from the United States. While the platform is popular worldwide and has members from around the world, the majority of registered users are from USA, with 31,400,000 people. Following the US, in the UK, Canada, Australia, India e.t.c.

SPdate has over 6,200,000 members showing weekly activity. Furthermore, even though not perfectly balanced, the men and women ratio doesn’t show much difference, with men making up to 53% and women 47% of the member base. While anyone above the age of 18 is allowed on the SPdate app, most of the members are below 35 years.

When Was SPdate Founded?

If you are wondering about its popularity, you are in for a surprise. Besides having a good name in the world of online dating, SPdate has been there for almost a decade and a half. It was founded in 2007 and had been matching singles for quick hookups ever since. It mainly created a name in the dating industry for the directness of users in asking for what they want sexually. So if you are looking for explicit conversations, SPdate is the place for you.

How Does SPdate Work?

How Does SPdate Work?

The SPdate site, similar to all dating platforms, requires you to register and create a profile. You could make a profile right away or skip the process for later. Even though an updated profile is important for people to show more interest (since they understand you’re a real person), you can start looking for user profiles right away even without it. You can use the “Discover” or “Top profiles” section to find hot members on SPdate and start messaging them. You may also like profiles and rate them. Browsing through the user profiles gives you great conversation starters, so don’t forget to check the profiles.

Is SPdate Available Worldwide?

Yes, the SPdate website is a global dating platform. In fact, while creating our SPdate review, we’ve found out that this site is available in over 252 countries.

How Many Languages Do SPdate Support?

Several SPdate reviews claimed that the website is available in multiple languages, but we couldn’t see it. The website is a single page that only moves you to the next after registration. You can’t even see an about us section on the dating platform. However, if you use Google as your browser and your default language is not English, it will ask your permission to translate the page content. So while you may not rely on SPdate for language support, Google covers you up in the section.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Registration - Is It Really Easy?

The registration on SPdate is quick and easy. The first page offers you a SPdate login form that asks you for your name, email, gender, and age. Using your real name is completely your choice. However, we’d recommend not using it for safety and privacy reasons. While filling up the form completes the SPdate sign up, email verification is required to set up a password and create a SPdate account. Although the profile setup comes as a continuous process, you can skip the steps to go to the main website and start online dating instead.

One thing to notice is that there is no shortcut to registration with social logins; for example, login with Facebook, which could shorten up the process.

Can I Use The Site Without Signing Up?

SPdate has a compulsory registration policy. It means that, unlike a few popular dating platforms that allow users to explore the site as a SPdate guest, you will need to cross the SPdate login page to create an account or log in to enter the dating site.

Is There An Option To Delete Your SPdate Profile?

Like most dating platforms, SPdate allows its users to permanently delete their accounts when they decide to discontinue on the site. The option is available in the settings, where you will find the delete option under the account section. However, the dating site warns that all your chats will be lost on account deletion and takes a reconfirmation as SPdate popups before completely deleting the profile.

Design And Usability?

Design And Usability?

The SPdate site is an all-black dating platform with colorful texts that pops to the eyes. The design is modern and yet very simple. The clean interface with less than overwhelming features makes the interface look smooth and easy to use. The simplicity is one of its biggest highlights since all it concentrates on is making connections and conversations. If you are fond of WhatsApp, you will definitely like what SPdate has to offer.


The SPdate website design is simple and convenient for even mobile users. The lack of multiple features helps in keeping the design of the dating platform clean and convenient. However, one thing that can get really annoying is SPdate pop ups with ads.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

If you are a man looking for hot women for casual sex and hookups or even virtual fun, SPdate is your place. The profiles are full of seducing photos, but the disappointment comes with the profile details. Some people don’t include info about the location, age, and name. Thus, it becomes really difficult to differentiate real users from bots. This is probably one of the biggest cons of the SPdate site.

Mobile Application And Website

Since the web versions of a dating platform are important criteria to consider for user experience, they cannot be overlooked. It becomes crucial for you to see if you can use the SPdate app:

SPdate App Download

Unfortunately, SPdate site doesn’t have a mobile app. However, the absence of a mobile application cannot stop you from enjoying this platform on your phone. The website version is well-optimized for mobile devices, and therefore, you will not have a problem using the SPdate website on your mobile browser.

SPdate Website

The SPdate website is a simple yet modern dating platform that focuses on minimalism, besides making the experience seamless. The best thing about apps and websites with a minimalistic design is that they focus on their function, which is rarely seen in online platforms today. But it is not just the design but the smooth and fast loading structure of the website that together makes the SPdate website cool.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are extremely important on dating platforms because it is where you reveal much of your identity. Also, online dating sites have become a den to fake users trying to launder money in the name of seduction using sob stories. Multiple cases of blackmails surface as well. But the question is if SPdate is one of those places that you need to be careful of?

Privacy In SPdate

The SPdate site at the time of registration puts a message in the asterisk. It says that you are accepting to share information with third-party apps and receive sexually explicit SPdate messages by continuing. While most people ignore it, it indicates how your online behavior is being studied for showing you ads. However, it is a common procedure that doesn’t steal any information or photographs from your profile.

Are SPdate Chats Encrypted?

While most of your online activities are moderated by the site’s algorithm, the chats are not. The SPdate site gives you a completely encrypted chat platform to connect with people. You get to make private conversations with all members you connect with without the concern of sharing any private information to the site.

Can SPdate Track You Down?

The SPdate site does take your location to connect you with the local users. However, it doesn’t share the exact location with other members, and neither keeps it stored. The platform understands the risk of sharing the location with strangers, so it takes care to deal with the location as a piece of sensitive information. Instead, SPdate calculates the distance between two people to help you find nearby users. So the moral of the story is that neither can the strangers on the SPdate nor the website track your exact location.

Does SPdate Have A Free Option?

The SPdate site is a free dating platform. It is one of the rarest dating platforms existing today to keep itself free from subscription plans and memberships. It means that you can enjoy anything from registration to communication without having to worry about payment.

Free features:

  • Registration and profile setup
  • Discovery and matchmaking
  • SPdate chat
  • Send attachments on the chat
  • Change settings
  • Rate profiles
  • Like profiles

Pricing And Benefits

Unlike most popular dating sites, SPdate doesn’t offer several plans. It has only one monthly membership plan. One more thing we need to share is the fact that SPdate requires 0.99 USD to verify your age. This summ will be refunded within a week

SPdate VIP Membership Plan
Validity Price
One month 39.99 USD

Premium Membership Features

The VIP membership gives a boost to your SPdate profile. Here is a list of the added benefits you get from the upgrade:

  • More exposure; You will get more messages, likes, and profile visits.
  • You will get access to the list of most active users on SPdate.
  • Unlimited photo browsing.
  • Your messages become priority messages. Hence, your chat will always rank top in the inboxes.

How Do I Cancel My SPdate Membership?

Many people often wonder – “How to unsubscribe from SPdate paid plan?” For that, log in to your SPdate account and navigate to profile settings to find the option to cancel your membership. Then wait for a few hours to receive a cancellation confirmation to your registered email ID.

Is SPdate Membership Auto-renewed?

Yes, the SPdate site auto-renews the VIP membership. Since you pay with a credit card, the site ensures an uninterrupted experience with auto-renewal. Hence you would need to cancel the subscription from settings to discontinue. Furthermore, inactivity for three consecutive months can result in account deactivation that leads to auto-membership cancellation.

Help & Support

The SPdate site has an email-based support team that you can ask for help any time of the day and week. It is active and available 24X7, so if you have any issues with SPdate, forgot password, came across someone violating Terms of Service e.t.c. you could write to the team. The support will get back to you within 24 hours after looking into the matter and finding a proper solution.

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions Regarding My Privacy In SPdate?

Support team, of course. You can write them at [email protected]

Real Life Review

Mason, 24

I have been using SPdate for quite some time now, on and off. And while at first, I had some issues that I will only come across scammers, seeing how they lurk on free sites, I was pleasantly surprised that the majority of women I talk to was genuine.

While I can’t say that these 7 months of me using the site, have been 100% success rate, I did come across and met many cool girls.

Logan, 31

Came to this site to find some company after a pretty rough breakup. And so far things have been pretty good – managed to hook up with 4 lovely girls, and only came across one bot trying to scam me of my CC details.

Alternative Sites Like SPdate

Any quick local-based hookup site can be a good alternative to SPdate. Here are a few examples that you can try for some nice naughty time:

  • AdultFriendFinder– The dating site is home to 80 million registered users looking for hookups.AdultFriendFinder is a porn site turned into a dating platform, so users here understand that this is a place for some casual sex and not serious relationships. There is plenty of explicit content and singles looking for sex. If this is also what you desire, then you might want to give AdultFriendFinder a go.
  • FuckSwipe– With 2 million verified users, FuckSwipe could be your way to quick and discreet affairs. The minimalist site offers live video chat, besides letting users upload naughty videos and photos on their profile. If simple yet effective is what you prefer, go for FuckSwipe.
  • OneNightFriend– With 137,000 members active weekly, this is the site that ensures guaranteed sexual encounters when needed. If safety is your priority while hooking up, OneNightFriend should be your choice. It marks each profile with tags to shows if they are verified or not.

Contact Information

Company – Digital International Inc.

Address – 1st Floor of Building 1121, Prodromou Avenue Strovol Nicosia 2064 Cyprus

E-Mail[email protected]


Is SPdate Legit?

SPdate has been in service for more than a decade, and ever since it has never had any legal issues. Though there is always a chance of coming across a bot or scammer, the site does its best to watch for any shady profiles and delete them.

So yes, with all this and so many users on the platform, we would say that the SPdate site is legit.

Is It Possible To Use SPdate Confidentially?

Yes, because SPdate doesn’t require your real name for registration. Though the platform does not allow guest users on its platform, if you want to protect your privacy, you can use a different username, or even not upload any photo. All this provides anonymity. But you also need to keep in mind that if you plan to meet for hookups, it may become difficult to find a partner without uploading your real photo, since users may think you’re a bot or scammer.

Is SPdate Real Hookup Site?

Users right after the registration surprisingly get bombarded with messages. It is normal on the site and you will too experience it. However, they are not real members. They are bots created by the makers to boost the morale of new users and increase on-site engagement since real users take time to match. SPdate instead of cheating accepts it and marks these profiles with a UP batch. UP refers to unreal personality and you will find the batch next to the profile pictures. Even though the beginning seems fake, 99% of users confirm having an excellent experience on the platform. So while the UP profiles keep you entertained virtually initially, the real users take over soon keeping no space for complaints.

How To Use SPdate?

Register on SPdate to get started. Completing the signing-up process immediately takes you to the profile setup which asks you for a few details and photos. Once you complete setting up an impressive account, start browsing through the site and explore the features. Send requests to profiles you like and accept the ones you get to initiate a conversation. Since everyone is looking for casual sex, you don’t have to worry about ice-breaking. You can enjoy either enjoy an erotic online conversation or take matters offline and get laid for real.

Is SPdate Free?

This dating platform can be used for free but comes with a VIP membership plan. The optional upgrade is a way to get added benefits and exposure on the site that can make your online dating experience so much better. Plus, it costs $0.99 to confirm your age, and this money will be refuded within a week.

What Are The Paid Options On The SPdate Site?

The dating site offers a single VIP membership plan, that costs $39.99/month.

Does SPdate Really Works?

There’s a lot of SPdate reviews from people, that claimed that the site helped them find them a match and meet for some hookups. Moreover, this platform has been offering services since 2007, and so far there have been no complaints about its functionality. So yes, we’d say that that SPdate does really work.


All and all, SPdate is considered to be one of the best sites for hookups and no-strings-attached relationships. In our opinion, it is worth a try because of its unique approach, simplicity, and explicit SPdate com messages. So if we had to point out the best things we would name the highly active userbase, safety, and like-minded people.

So if you want some hot time with lonely singles, looking for casual sex, we’d say that SPdate is a pretty good platform to try. Or perhaps you already did? If so, how did you find this site? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below!

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