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Top Pick of Black Hookup Apps for 2022

Popular hookup apps offer millions of options for potential friends and partners. Apps for dating often show people you might have had contact with in life. But there’s a problem: the main audience for such services is white people. Black guys and girls find it hard to see each other on such hookup apps.

Yes, you can always specify what you’re looking for in your settings and profile, but the selection will be sparse. So, there was a demand for dating apps that would be a handy tool for finding. Here are some of them.


Best for finding something serious. is the largest black hookup app for black singles, with nearly a million users and 1,000 new users joining every day. All people on this site are black, and they are looking for a relationship with someone of African-American descent. BlackPeopleMeet was created in 2002 and is now one of the most popular black dating sites in the US and Canada.


  • The Virtual Gifts feature allows you to draw the attention of your potential partner
  • When you activate PromoteMe, your profile will appear at the top of search results
  • If you want to be on top more often, use the MatchMe feature
  • ConnectMe. The site provides you with a phone number that you can use to communicate with another BlackPeopleMeet member.


  • It is the largest black dating site in the United States;
  • The registration is quick and easy;
  • There is an ability to place audio and video greetings in your profile.


  • You can communicate only by paying a subscription;
  • There is no user identification.


Membership Type Length Weekly Price One-Time Payment
Full Access 1 Month $4.19 $16.75
Full Access 3 Months $3.25 $38.97
Full Access with Profile Highlight 6 Month $2.75 $65.94

Real Black Love

Real Black Love

Best for finding love.

Real Black Love is a black dating app that was created for single people who want to find love. The creators of the app claim that no other app has as many single people who are actually looking for a serious relationship. Real Black Love is a great place to find something meaningful.


  • The project cares more about quality than quantity.
  • The free Real Black Love account allows you to send an unlimited number of virtual winks.
  • There is a blog of success stories, you can read it to see how much people found their happiness with RealBlackLove
  • RealBlackLove VIP Matchmaking has successfully helped change the status of relationships.
  • The app is recognized as the best black dating agency in the country.


  • Here, everyone knows they’ll meet a like-minded Black person.
  • Registering, creating a profile, searching, and sending one email per week are all free.
  • Nice security features, so the number of fakes is low
  • The free account also allows you to send unlimited virtual winks.


  • Free accounts have very limited functionality.


Membership Type Length Price
Premium 1 Month $19.99
Premium 3 Months $39.99
Elite 1 Month $49.99
Elite 3 Months $99.99



Best for finding local hookups and casual dates.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is not a target black hookup app. This is where people look for people they like. Tinder provides paid features that allow you to see girls who rate you. By default, a girl’s profile only opens when you’re mutually liked. It’s very convenient. You can rate girls without restriction.


  • Tinder is a free service in which you get some benefits for a monthly subscription fee;
  • Superlikes help attract the attention of the person really like;
  • If you put a superlike, the girl sees it on top of the normal likes from other users;
  • The ability to cancel the last “disliked”;
  • Super Boost. This option increases the number of times your profile is shown to the opposite sex for 30 minutes;
  • Turn on the “smart photos” option in your settings;
  • Tinder evaluates the pics on your profile and shows you the ones that will help you meet a girl.


  • There is a large selection of partners
  • The registration is quick and straightforward
  • There are a lot of useful features for successful dating searches
  • Using the app is easy and entertaining, thanks to the Swipe feature.


  • There is no user verification. Thus, there is no guarantee of the authenticity of the user’s photos
  • There are no filters for finding an affiliate, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of the search.


Tinder Membership Pricing Under 28 Years Old
Plan Length Monthly Cost Total Cost
Platinum 1 Month $19.99 $19.99
Platinum 6 Months $10.00 $59.99
Platinum 12 Months $6.67 $79.99
Gold 1 Month $14.99 $14.99
Gold 6 Months $7.50 $44.99
Gold 12 Months $5.00 $59.99
Plus 1 Month $4.99 $4.99
Plus 6 Months $2.50 $14.99
Plus 12 Month $1.67 $19.99

Tinder Membership Pricing Over 28 Years Old
Plan Length Monthly Cost Total Cost
Platinum 1 Month $39.99 $39.99
Platinum 6 Months $20.00 $119.99
Platinum 12 Months $12.50 $149.99
Gold 1 Month $29.99 $29.99
Gold 6 Months $15.00 $89.99
Gold 12 Months $10.00 $119.99
Plus 1 Month $9.99 $9.99
Plus 6 Months $5.00 $29.99
Plus 12 Month $3.33 $39.99

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Best for finding dates, friendship, and new acquaintances.

BLK is a new app for black singles. The app has one goal: to create a unique community where black men and black women can find new acquaintances. Most users here are looking for a serious relationship. Look for people who share similar likes and interests to yours. The app uses an account verification process through social media.


  • All BLK functions are free to use and based on mutual choice;
  • You can only send messages to people who also like you;
  • The partner selection function works on the roulette principle;
  • Photos of potential partners are displayed on the screen;
  • You have a choice to skip or “like.”


  • There are basic free services;
  • You can create a profile and post pictures on it;
  • The BLK app offers a personalized list of profiles to swipe and search;
  • You can update your account to appear higher on the list of people;
  • You can send 100 likes per month;
  • What’s free: registering, creating a profile, matching, sending messages.


  • Most services are paid.


Credit Cost per credit Total
1 Credit $1.99 $1.99
5 Credits $1.49 $7.45
10 Credits $1.19 $11.90
Really Like
5 Credits $1.99 $2.45
25 Credits $0.39 $9.75
60 Credits $0.29 $17.40

How effective are dedicated black hookup apps?

Online dating has brought positive emotions for many users. There are more than enough advantages to this way of searching for a soul mate. It is only necessary to start communicating online, and the chances of meeting a good person will increase dramatically. It is a modern way of dating, thanks to which many people have become happy.

  • There are some arguments in favor of online dating:
  • Saving time and money;
  • The ability to set search criteria;
  • Preparing for a real date;
  • Getting rid of the fear of being rejected.

Black hookup apps provide access to many profiles of Black people posted by those wishing to find a soul mate. The chances of making a romantic acquaintance with a Black man online are much higher than in everyday life. Online dating allows users to communicate with more people and, at the same time, not to spend money on travel.

You can chat with several people online simultaneously, which greatly speeds up the search and saves time. Correspondence can be used to determine which person is suitable and which is not.

Specifying the search criteria, you can count on a positive result. Specify age, location, and the purpose of the acquaintance, and the system will give suitable options.

Almost everyone’s first date is anxiety-inducing. Black hookup apps make it possible to avoid situations where strangers don’t know what to talk about. They will find common interests. Those who have met online behave more loosely on the first date.

Being rejected online is not as frustrating as being rejected in real life. The basis for communication on dating sites is mutual sympathy, so there is no risk of being left. If people like each other’s profiles, they start communicating. Communicating in a comfortable environment is especially important for shy people. They have time to think about phrases. They do not have to blush and worry when talking about themselves.

Some find friends on Black hookup apps, and some find soul mates. It is not necessary to go somewhere for such an acquaintance to grow into a real relationship.

Are you annoyed by the ads? There are no ads on, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. A qualified support team checks each profile for authenticity.

Are you looking for a partner but do not want the whole Internet to know about it? BLK is a new app for single black people. The paid app gives users anonymity. People who want to date dark-skinned people appreciate a high degree of personal data protection. The app guarantees your privacy and protects against spam.

Do you value your time? Tinder’s paid features allow you to see girls who rate you. The app has a system for selecting users based on the results of a personality test. It suggests candidates for dating who are most suitable for you. You get chosen profiles for you based on the criteria you set.

Why do people choose hookup apps for black people only?

Technology has made things easier, and the same is true for dating. In the past, people would walk around in the evening looking for a companion. These days, technology allows you to do your searching from the comfort of your own home. You can simply launch a Black hookup app and see hundreds of people online who are also looking for a mate.

Online dating sites give you easy access to hundreds of black girls. You can see who shares the same interests and has the same attitudes about life as you do.

Online dating also allows many people with a lack of self-confidence. You can share your feelings. It boosts self-confidence. It’s so much easier than in real life.

You have no positive results from your online dating, and after sending hundreds of emoticons, winks, emails, and messages, you get no response? It’s time to analyze your profile and make it more attractive.

A few of your eye-catching photos can work wonders. You can also get recommendations from your friends. If you’re too shy to ask for something like that, there are bloggers who teach on their pages how to look attractive to the opposite sex.

How do paid black dating sites differ from free sites? What do people pay for when they prefer such a site?

Paid apps to hook up with black girls are for those who are serious about finding a partner, value quality and results, and are willing to pay for them. Their goal is not to have fun online but to find a life partner.

Today’s paid dating sites help with your search. They analyze your profiles and match you with the right people. This increases the likelihood of meeting someone who is looking for the same thing you are. Paid dating sites provide users with anonymity and a high level of personal data protection.

Dating on a paid site is of higher quality. Another advantage is that you are less likely to run into scammers here compared to free dating sites.

On paid sites, you can find not only people who live in a certain place but also find out your psychological compatibility, age, and more. People on these sites are more likely to be active because of paid subscriptions, so searches get better results.

If you’re not sure you can meet online, a free site is a great place to check. Many sites allow you to create a free account to browse users and get information about them. Later, you can go to a paid feature and see full profiles and contact them.

Is it wrong to only want to hook up with other black singles?

Love is a beautiful feeling, and you can’t go without it. But everyone has times when the soul demands peace and the body demands adventure. That’s when people go to all lengths in search of new sensations. In today’s world, unfortunately, few can afford such unrestrained experiences.

Is it reasonable in such a reckless world to simplify the process of getting pleasure? Intimate dating on the Internet does not contain anything objectionable or bad. It aims to make two adults get what they want without unnecessary commitment and waste of time.

You can talk about morality and how vulgar and unscrupulous young people are. But if you think about it, there is nothing wrong with developing a relationship quickly or having sex without a relationship. Now you can meet Black girls and guys without getting off the couch or being in a boring meeting. One of the most convenient ways is through mobile apps.

Even the best black hookup apps have pros and cons. The pluses include the ability to pre-select by photo; appearance plays a key role. The apps can help you find both easy sex and a long-term relationship.

On the downside, you still have to communicate with a potential candidate on the app. Rarely does the transition from words to business immediately work. You will have to follow social formalities.

Websites are a less convenient dating option than apps. Communication in dating apps is only possible with mutual sympathy. If you want to find a one-night stand, you need the other person to be looking for the same thing as you do. So, be prepared to communicate a lot in order to achieve your goal.

In this regard, sites offering intimate dating prove to be more adequate. The same regulatory mechanism works as with specialized applications. People know what they have all gathered for on the portal and select according to their needs.

What should be the best app for finding a Black woman?

  • Decide what you are looking for – love for life, friendship, sexual partnership, or entertainment;
  • Before you sign up, familiarize yourself with the site’s features to see if you’ve come to the right place;
  • There are paid and free services, so you should choose which one will suit you;
  • Carefully read the privacy policy and user’s agreement;
  • Check the age category;
  • The more people a resource gathers, the wider your search. But bots and unrealistic accounts can make searches difficult;
  • Check the number of profiles and how often new ones appear;
  • Look at the age of the portal: the longer it exists, the more likely it is to hold a well-deserved market position;
  • Check the availability of support services;
  • Analyze the reviews of users. Many do not know what they want but are happy to share the negative;
  • It is good if the app has filters. This will speed up the search for you;
  • Look for the best way to fill in a profile – clear, reasoned, interesting, openly, so that the person who is also looking for you could find you quickly;
  • Don’t forget to take high-quality photos that emphasize your attractiveness and inner self.

Experience of using A Black Dating App

Regular use of dating apps isn’t just a fun way to find love or a fleeting relationship. You enjoy the process. Viewing profiles, chatting, liking – it all lifts your spirits.

Nowadays, dating on social networks is no longer perceived as something out of the ordinary. Often, after mutual likes, people start dating and then start relationships and even families. Failures happen, too. But the chances of meeting a potential Black partner online are quite high. The main thing is not to give up.

The interface of many dating apps allows you to search for love, turning the process into a fun game. In the end, you can expect both a prize and disappointment and the need to go through everything from the beginning.

However, there’s a downside. Dating apps have a bad reputation among romantics and those who want to find more than just “love” for one night. But they do help make more diverse connections. Partners who have met online have stronger relationships.

Using dating apps, avoid talking to many people at the same time. It leads to emotional exhaustion. Experts say that the human brain faces cognitive overload when we communicate with more than nine people at the same time. Decide what you want to find on the vast expanse of the Internet. Don’t consider only one way to find a potential partner, and don’t forget about real life as you immerse yourself in the virtual world.

How to describe yourself on a hookup app?

  • Register on 2-3 popular Black hookup apps and regularly check them. If you see that the person is behaving inadequately and writing nasty things, do not respond. Better yet, block their account.
  • It is better to upload 3-4 good photos. The first is your face. The second is full-length, the third is something about your holiday, hobbies, etc. Thus, on such a small set, your companion can understand who you are. Also, it will help to avoid unnecessary meetings where it is immediately clear that the interlocutor just uploaded his photos and not the person he pretends to be.
  • It is better to fill in the questionnaire completely to make it interesting for people to get to know you. You don’t have to write a novel but indicate your hobbies, interests, etc.
  • Write only the truth without extremes.


Please, do not forget that there are many different “scam artists” (looking for easy profits) on such apps who can be registered under both a guy’s and a girl’s profile. Don’t give unfamiliar people your passport data, bank card, and other personal information. For the first meeting, agree to a public place and not at night. Many will laugh, but still, it’s better to be careful.


How do black hookup apps work?

Everything is built on rankings. Which, of course, none of the users can see. Artificial intelligence selects a match based on geolocation, interests, preferences, and photos in the profile. Then, the site’s features do the rest of the work. Some sites use swipe features; others provide search tools.

How many people use black hookup apps?

According to various statistics, about one-third of all Internet users have used dating resources at least once. About 1.5 million people “sit” on such resources for 4 hours a day or more.

The sex ratio on the sites is, on average, 50:50. However, the indicators of different places can vary significantly. Male audiences dominate many resources.

What black hookup apps are truly free?

All of the applications on the list have free basic functionality. For example, Tinder provides you with a great free version. You can like people, chat with them and see their profiles. It is one of the best free apps for hookups. However, you have to pay for additional features. Black hookup apps exist thanks to paid subscriptions.


Why are dating apps good? Here you can meet someone you would never meet in real life. You can chat before you go for a date to make sure a real discussion with that person is even necessary. There’s a huge range of thousands of candidates to choose from.

If you have any special requirements for a potential partner, you can make a natural selection. If you also have any character traits, you can let them know right away. You can stop communicating with the person at any time if you don’t like something. So now, you can easily use any of the suggested black hookup apps for finding a partner of your dream.

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