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Best Gay Hookup Sites of 2023

Best Gay Hookup sites

  1. Good for finding casual dating partners Tinder
  2. Good for gays who search for both long-lasting and random connections BuddyGays
  3. Good for finding raunchy romantic singles BeNaughty
  4. Good for Gay, Bi, Trans and Queer people looking for casual relationships Grindr
  5. Good for polygamous and LGBTQ+ relationships OkCupid
  6. Good for finding online dating advice and partner Zoosk
  7. Good for both casual sex partners and long-term commitments Hinge
  8. Good for people who want regular hookups SPdate
  9. Good for adult casual partners for a one-nighter Together2Night
  10. Good for finding free casual partners CasualDates
  11. Good for finding a casual date in a few seconds InstantHookups
  12. Good for finding single partners over 40 FlirtyMature
  13. Good for finding chubby and bbw singles FatFlirt

While the LGBTQ community has endured a lot of hardship in the past, things are slowly starting to become better for these people. And not just in terms of acceptance, but also the romantic opportunities. Every year we see more and more gay hookup sites, all of which are made with a sole purpose – to help LGBTQ members find love and meaningful connection.

Are you also considering joining one or a couple of gay hookup sites? Then you need to keep in mind the following are considerations and criteria for selecting the best gay hookup site:

  • The total number of users: The ideal gay hookup site has many people using it. If a hookup site has a considerable following, it means that a lot of people trust it, and thus it’s a safe and reliable place. Moreover, the more users the website has, the more there’s a chance that you can find your perfect match.
  • Interaction of members of the site: These interactions can be monitored through the number of active users on the hookup site. A site should have a feature that allows members to interact extensively. The ideal site can get a hookup site after a considerable amount of time has elapsed. These hookup sites should not even limit how people send messages to each other.
  • Subscription requirements: When it comes to men seeking men sites, a good gay hookup platform should not have many features blocked until a user subscribes. It’s one thing wanting to subscribe to premium for more benefits, but completely other when you’re forced into a paid subscription and limited of all features.
  • Subscription rates: Whether you want to go for a free gay hookup site or a premium paid hookup site, there will always be some special features you will have to pay to enjoy. With each hookup site having different subscription rates, of course, you have to choose a website with the most affordable to you prices. Also when you’re looking for the best gay hookup site, pay attention to the duration of the payment plan.
  • Registration process: Many gay hookup sites take the registration process seriously since this is the way to ensure other users’ safety. Thus, an ideal gay hookup site has an extensive registration process. This will be helping to comb out scammers and bots on the site.
  • Informative profiles: Almost all hookup sites require their members to create a profile to be seen with other members easily. The best gay hookup site is one that has a detailed profile of the members therein. These profiles should be in-depth and offer as much information about the user as possible. This will allow you to get to know your potential partner before you decide to message them.
  • Online reviews of the hookup sites: Before using a gay hookup site, look it up on the internet. There are tons of reviews about many gay hookup sites on the internet that one can get into. These articles are usually from bloggers who have done adequate research on the area of study. These reviews are usually beneficial if you’re a beginner in the online gay hookup sector.
  • User’s reviews: Reading users’ feedback about a particular gay hookup site is usually a great way to get to know firsthand experience even before using it. Many sites usually ask users to leave feedback after using the site for a considerable amount of time. This feedback is usually posted on the site so that people who want to use the site can read about past experiences. After that user can decide on whether to use the site or not.
  • Ratings: Download engines such as Play Store and Appstore usually have a rating feature on sites depending on the ease of use. And of course, the best gay hookup site is one that has a high user rating. Preferably you should go for a site that is rated four start and above. This shows that the app is easy to use and navigate. It also shows that users are confident in using it.
  • Compatibility feature: The best gay hookup site, should also be able to determine the compatibility ratio of its members. Such a feature will help people find the perfect partner. This consideration is inlined with an extensive registration process, during which you state your preferences. The site then collects this data and uses the algorithm to determine the compatibility ratio.
  • Anonymity: Since gay hookup is not accepted in some communities, many users prefer to remain private about their status while still looking for a partner. Thus the platform you go to must provide security and confidentiality. Thus, if needed, always look for anonymous gay hookup sites.
  • Customer care and inquiry: A gay hookup site that has an excellent support system always has the most people subscribing to it. After all, there will always be an instance when you’ll need help. Thus it’s better to make sure that the customer service of the gay hookup website is responsive and reliable.

Top hookup site for men looking for men

The following are some of the leading gay hookup sites:

  1. Adam4Adam – perfect for local hookups
  2. GayFriendFinder – best for focused relationships
  3. Hornet – perfect for instant hookups
  4. Gaycupid – best free dating app
  5. Scruff – suitable for a long-lasting relationship

Adam4Adam (Android; iOS)

What makes Adam4Adam stand out in the free gay hookup sites? The answer is the fact that it has both desktop and mobile phone versions. Though the app is not really up to the standards for interface design, it has compensated for that because it is free to use the site. The site has an in-built feature where there is a Livestream. The site has also incorporated a sex shop that users can buy toys to spice up things in the bedroom. The site also has an option for Home and Visitor profiles, in case if you need more anonymity.


  • Webcam feature.
  • Geolocation option.
  • Has a mobile phone and desktop version.
  • This gay hookup site upholds confidentiality and anonymity.


  • It does not have a smooth interface, and it is hard to navigate through.
  • Has fewer features compared to other apps.


  • One month subscription – $19.98
  • Three months subscription- $39.99 for every three months.
  • Six months subscription – $66.98 for every six months.
  • One-year subscription – $99.99 per year.

GayFriendfinder (desktop)

Are you into anonymous gay hookups? Then this might be just the right men seeking men site for you!

Gayfriendfinder has established this reputation by allowing users to not disclose too much information about themselves for security reasons. Though it doesn’t have a massive following at the moment, the statistics are very promising. Many of the members in the app are usually mature people looking for discreet gay hookups that can lead to long, meaningful relationships. Also, to make things easier, they have the geolocation feature – useful if you need some men seeking men near me option. But on the downside, this feature only works in certain areas.


  • It has a good, user-friendly interface, especially for beginners.
  • It has chatrooms where the users can interact freely.
  • It offers different types of gay relationships.
  • They have an extensive registration process that reduces the chances of scamming.


  • No phone app.
  • Not a lot of users.


Gold membership

  • One month subscription- $34.94
  • Three months $59.94
  • One year at $139.98

Silver memberships

  • One month subscription for $22.96
  • Three months subscription $39.98
  • Twelve months subscription at $99.94

Hornet (Android, iOS)

You may be a traveler wondering, is there any gay hookup near me? Don’t worry, the Hornet is there for you. With a sizeable user base of nearly four million monthly active users, it has established its reputation on gay hookup sites. There are many interactions on the site, and it is easy to get a partner. The app version has a separate page for oncoming messages, unlike the desktop one. Their registration is fast, and you can even register with your Google or Facebook account. But do keep in mind that most of the members on this site are usually below the age of 35. Hence if you’re looking solely for gay teens hookups, this might not be the best place for you.


  • Signing with a Facebook account is pretty simple and straightforward. Plus, it’s more secure and reduces the number of scammers.
  • It offers free browsing to all its members.
  • Has excellent and responsive customer support.
  • Hornet has tons of resources and articles on gay relationships on the site


  • Some users complain of numerous ad popups.
  • There is a rising issue of bots on the site.


  • One month subscription package – $9.98
  • Three months subscription – $25.50
  • one year subscription – $55.98.

OkCupid (desktop, Android)

Does OkCupid offer gay hookups? Yes, it does! It also offers a wide range of relationships when it comes to gay hookups. Whether you are looking for a black gay hookup or you are just a teen looking to get it on with your peers, OkCupid got you covered. The site has branded itself for offering all types of relationships. It is due to these reasons that it has garnered a considerable fan base and popularity globally. They have an easy-to-use application with a fast registration process that takes few minutes.


  • OkCupid has an extensive registration process.
  • Users must upload their photos before they can use the app, for security purposes.
  • They have a free trial feature before members can subscribe to a plan.
  • Multilingual


  • They do not have in-depth and informative profiles.
  • No mobile app for iOS.
  • Poor customer care service.


  • One month subscription – $56.99 per month.
  • Three months subscription – $50.50 for every three months.
  • Six months subscription – $56.99 for every six months.
  • Platinum package one month – 28.99
  • Platinum package six months – $59.99
  • Platinum 12 months package – $119.99

Scruff (Android, iOS)

Are you into gay public hookup? Then Scruff is the site for you! Not only does it one of the best gay hookup sites, but it’s also a transgender-friendly place. Other than that this gay hookup site also has a geolocation feature where users can locate their fellow mates. That is why you have to provide your location in the registration process to make the search for partner a lot easier. Even better, you can navigate through the profiles before creating an account. As an added advantage, the app has most of the features open to its users. Thus, it’s safe to conclude that this is currently one of the best free gay hookup sites on the internet.


  • The matchmaking process is fast as there are many active members.
  • It does not have fake and inactive accounts.
  • There are no bots on the site.
  • They have in-depth profiles of members.


  • It has many popup ads.
  • The app is not stable and can often glitch or load slowly.


The prices of scuff are pretty reasonable. The subscriptions are as follows:

  • One month subscription – $14.99
  • Three months subscription – $13.33
  • One-year subscription – $119.99.

These may not be the only gay hookup sites on the internet right now, but users most recommend them. With the criteria of selecting the best gay hookup site in mind, you should find a site that has your needs catered for. Men seeking men has become an acceptable social norm that has to be embraced in today’s society, and these gay hookup sites are a perfect place to go if you need some romance.

What are gay hookup sites for?

Gay hookup sites are usually sites for people in the LGBTQ community to interact. In the process of their interactions, they can get into meaningful relationships. These sites act as a platform that these members can express themselves freely without being discriminated against or judged. Also, gay hookup sites are where gay men can go and find someone to have casual sex with. Plus, it is a safe place for gay men to express themselves.

What are the differences between gay hookup sites and gay dating sites?

While it may seem that there’s not much difference between these two, gay hookup sites and those for dating still differ.

A gay hookup site is a site that offers casual relationships to its members. There is no emotional attachment, per se. Usually, gay hookup is there just to have a good time then leave, no strings attached. Plus, you can find one-night stands effortlessly.

On the other hand, a gay dating site is a place that offers more meaningful relationships to its users. Members of a dating site are usually in search of long-lasting relationships, not a one-night stand.

Who uses gay hookup sites?

Of course, most people who use gay hookup sites are usually men seeking men. This is the basic orientation of most gay hookup sites. However, there might be other people who are not necessarily gay and may be using these sites. People who are transgender, for example, also use these dating sites due to their unique sexual orientation. Also, plenty of bi and bi-curious men can also visit these gay hookup websites.

Advantages of gay hookup Apps

The most notable advantage of gay hookup apps is that it brings together people of the same sexual orientation. This is because homosexual people are in the minority, and finding a gay partner can be quite tiresome. The other advantage is that you can easily communicate without fear of being discriminated against. It is also a perfect platform for shy people who are not used to being open about their sexual orientation. Moreover, the gay hookup websites boost the self-esteem of some people in the GBTQ fraternity that they are not alone. Other advantages include:

  • Easily accessible: you don’t have to spend hours finding a partner when you can do it on hookup sites.
  • They are affordable: unlike conventional dating, you only pay for the platform’s services and from there decide how you can engage in their relationship.
  • Suitable for both long-term and casual dating.
  • Gay hookup sites are convenient; you can access them from anywhere, especially if the site you like has an app.

Discrete gay hookups are becoming a thing of the past, as more and more people become accepting of the LGBTQ community. There are many countries like the USA which has legalized the marriage of same-sex and do not persecute you for your preferences. Thus more and more people are not afraid to come out and freely express their preferences.

Plus, you can access these sites from anywhere and practice your autonomy without feeling judged.

How to choose a gay hookup site

You need to consider some aspects before choosing the best gay hookup site. First of all, is your preference – do you want a black gay hookup or a gay teens hookup? Perhaps you’re looking for bears or sugar daddies? Also, you have to consider the aspect of money, and if you’re short on money, then it’s best to go for a free gay hookup site. Just do keep in mind that these are usually less secure and have a lot more scammers.

And if you decide to subscribe to a plan, go for the one that is much safer and has more features. Safety provisions are critical when choosing the best GBTQ site –you don’t want to use a platform that puts you at risk from scammers, hackers, and fraudsters.

How safe are gay hookup sites?

In general, the internet is not a safe place. Many gay hookup sites have noted this and have stepped up their security measures to protect their clients from malicious attacks. Most gay hookup sites now have an extensive registration process that harvests data about a person. These processes are aimed at determining the authenticity of a user. Also, some policies are in place to curb the rising number of fraud cases in hookup sites. So, it’s safe to say gay hookup sites are much safer now. But on the other hand, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be careful when using gay hookup websites. Remember – no one is 100% protected from scammers, and it’s entirely possible to run across one. However, if you follow a couple of safety rules, you should be fine:

  1. Never disclose your personal information, such as health and financial status, where you work e.t.c. with a person you barely know.
  2. Don’t rush to meet the first person you matched with – learn more about them, and see if you can trust them; that they’re not catfishing you and pose no threat.
  3. If you do plan to meet, do it in a public place
  4. Always use complex passwords
  5. Never login via insecure Wi-Fi.

Do gay hookup Apps work?

Yes, most gay hookup apps usually work. This is because the members registered under a gay hookup site usually have a common goal. The community is based on the same sexual orientation in that there is a high level of trust among them. Most people in gay hookup sites usually have a clear goal on what they want: a long-term relationship or a one-night stand. And they write this goal to their bio to avoid unnecessary complications in the future.

Are members of gay Dating apps real?

Yes, most members of a gay hookup site are usually genuine. This is because these dating apps usually have a rigorous registration process, to make sure that people that register there are real and not scammers or bots. Yes, with the rise of bots, dating apps have incorporated algorithms that detect if an account is fake or real. Bots and inactive accounts are usually deleted. You can prove the site’s authenticity by signing up on platforms that guarantee membership for men seeking men near me.

Gay Hookup: FAQ

Are there any completely free gay hookup sites?

As of now, there are no completely free gay hookup sites. Adam4adam is an example of a nearly free app as most of its features are already unlocked. Though most of the apps are free to download and register, there are restrictions. These are based on the number of features that a user can access. Superior features like live video cams and the ad-free site usually come with a paid subscription plan.

Is it possible to save anonymity at gay hookup sites?

Well, most gay hookup sites promote transparency, hookup sites like Hornet offer more discreet gay hookups than the other sites. This is mainly because most of its members are usually there for only casual relationships. Some other apps allow users to continue the registration process without uploading their pictures to enhance anonymity.

Are gay hookup sites legit?

Most of the gay hookup sites are usually legit. However, there is always a chance to run across scammers even on the best gay hookup site. So you need to be on the lookout. There are some vital factors that you can check. For instance, users’ reviews and article reports – these are usually the best way to find out legit gay hookup sites.

Gay hookup: How to succeed in casual dating?

Casual dating is a critical thing when it comes to gay hookups. When you want to succeed in casual dating, the following are some of the tips you have to imply:

  • Have a detailed profile with a clear bio on what you are looking for in the gay hookup site.
  • Upload clear and quality photos of yourself so that the other users can know who you are.
  • Have an eye-catching profile that captures the attention of potential matches.


Gay hookups sites are growing by numbers every day. And if you are interested in men, and want to find some hottie to spend time with, why not give some gay hookup sites a try? Moreover, gay hookups are a sure way of getting you a date fast and convenient. One thing though – while searching for a hookup, be careful not to fall into the hand of scammers and frauds. Stay safe on the internet, even if you are sure you are using the best gay hookup site. So best of luck!

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